Gabriel Wiese


Adlerstraße 6

D-07318 Saalfeld

Mobil 0174 3045497


German artist Gabriel Wiese had been studying to be a cabinetmaker when he discovered the possibilities of the cork in furniture and object construction.

Experimenting with design and various building techniques - from covering extisting furniture, to creating new forms with steelinfrastructure and applying a cork veneer, to works made
completely from cork - he has succeeded in „changing the simple stopper into an object of art“. In addition to cork chairs, Wiese has created carpets, pictures, tables, chessboards and

Wiese was born in Magdeburg/Germany, but he has lived in Saalfeld since 1979. Following his cabinetmaker´s apprenticeship he began experimenting with wood and cork in 1994. He has exhibited his work widely in museums, galleries and public places across Germany and is represented in the United States by the Gallery of Functional Art in Los Angeles.